Thursday, May 14, 2009

GCISD 2009 Elections

I want to welcome Mrs. Becky St. John to the GCISD School Board! I am very excited to have her on the Board. Becky won the election on May 9th, with 1095 out of 2082 votes (52.59%). 2082 votes make only 4.5% of the registered voters in GCISD. The low voter turnout for local elections in GCISD is normal, but disappointing. The quality of education in our school district is one of the key factors that makes these communities attractive to live in. The School Board sets the goals and priorities for the district, monitors district performance, adopts the annual budget and sets the property tax rate. Also, the Board ensures the community is kept informed about the district actions. Board members represent the community within the district. Don't you want to make sure we elect Board members that truly care about the quality of education in the district, for all our kids? Aren't you interested in electing members that want to challenge the district to improve in order to fulfill its mission to be the best? Voters have several opportunities to ask questions to Board candidates, during various candidate forums held a few weeks before the election. Also, you can usually contact candidates by email, to ask questions on issues you feel are important.

Now that we start a new year for the School Board, I would like to invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings and speak to us in the Open Forum. The Board is here to represent you. We take the needs of our community very seriously. If there are issues in the district you feel are not being properly addressed, we would love to hear from you. Improving our district is the responsibility of all of us. So please, get involved. Let your voice be heard!