Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dyslexia Program at GCISD

The School Board had the opportunity to discuss the Dyslexia program at GCISD during the April 27th Board meeting. We heard from 5 parents that faced many difficulties to get the School District to correctly diagnose and treat their children. We also heard from the GCISD Administration, where they stated their success in their reading intervention and Dyslexia programs, based on the performance of the students in the Reading TASK. The administration mentioned there are currently 44 students in their Dyslexia program, and over 1000 students receiving assistance through the reading intervention program.

I have to admit I am no expert in Dyslexia or Special Needs education. However, I love to analyze statistics, in order to compare our District performance with other districts, state and national levels. Many studies on this subject suggest the incidence of Dyslexia within school age children in the United States is between 5 - 10%, while other studies state a wider rate, falling in between 1% and 20%. This suggests the number of GCISD students in our Dyslexia program is too small (0.3% rate). This becomes more obvious when you look at other districts in DFW, like HEB, where they have 600 students in their program (3% incidence rate). HEB has a total of 20,000 students, while GCISD has close to 13,900. Using the incidence rate at HEB of 3%, our Dyslexia program should have over 400 students.

At the end of the discussion, the Board requested a review of this program, suggesting that we need to look at both its effectiveness and the process we use to diagnose our kids. I am looking forward to discussing the improvement plan for this program in the near future.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome to my GCISD Blog!

I am a member of the GCISD School Board and would like to give the opportunity to teachers, parents and all citizens to give their feedback about our District. I understand that some of you might feel more comfortable giving anonymous feedback about issues in our schools, and here is your opportunity.

If you ever wanted to ask a question to a Board member, well, here is your chance! If you want to discuss school finance or the work environment at your school, we can do it right here.

The purpose of this Blog is to work together to improve our district. The more ideas we exchange, the more issues we bring to the table, the better off our district will be. If you have any topics you would like to discuss, please let me know.

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